Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Creating a Rose Petal Aisle Runner

For my wedding I had scored tons of white petals at the dollar store- 300 for $1! Sadly after I had purchased about 25 bags, my wedding site told me we couldn't have silk petals, because of the birds. Well I looked into real petals and it was insane expensive!
So I thought of an idea, glue the petals to tulle, and roll it out on the wedding day for a beautiful freshly thrown flower petals look with super easy clean up!
So I got to work, and about 5 hours in I realized this was a huge project!! My neck killed me from having to look down so much! But my ending creation was worth it!
I had to set up two old chairs side by side so the tulle wouldn't stick to anything! Talk about a pain!

My hand dyed petals!

Roll of Tulle I used for a roll of petals on each side of the aisle.

 Things You'll Need to Create Your Own Side Aisle Runner:
1. Tulle Rolls ($9.99 at Michaels.)
2. Flower Petals- check Dollar Store first!
3. Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun

After my wedding I made a listing for one on Etsy, offering to make them custom made for other people. Little did I know it would be a big hit!
Supplies To Make a Full Aisle Runner: 
1. Tulle (This is what I used above, however it's such a pain because you can't lay it on anything to glue it because it glues to what it's laying on and then when you try to pull it off, it rips!) SO I suggest going to and ordering a poly linen aisle runner (only $10.50 for 50 feet!) And gluing on that, much much better! If you're going to go with the tulle I would go to Hobby Lobby and make sure you use your 40% off coupon!
2. Petals...LOTS of petals! Check out Ebay for pretty good deals!
3.Hot glue gun and glue.
4. About 15 hours of time!

Don't feel like spending the time or effort in making your own? Check out my etsy shop: 


  1. Thank you for this wonderful idea! The church just informed me no lose petals! I almost fainted! Now with two months togo I am buying flowers and making my aisle runner! Thank you so much!

  2. I Love this idea and plan to make it for my friends vows renewal